Collection 2: CRASH

Number of NFTs: 9000
Number of NFT’s Minted: See Opensea

Price: 5 MATIC
Network: Polygon

Launch Date: May 28, 2022

Minting dApp:

Contract Address:


Block Explorer:

Crash is a collection of 9000 unique cyber dystopian avatars which pilot the Lambo Landers.

The project aims to bring accessible and high quality NFTs to the blockchain. Each avatar in the collection has been put together using popular 3d programs to create a mixture of traits and characteristics, which are carefully inked and airbrushed in photoshop.

Once the artwork on the traits are completed; they are saved as individual layers in a folder directory and pressed together with a popular art engine – however, this is where Crash has introduced something new –

Crash NFTs are compiled without a background layer.

Instead, I have created additional code to randomly apply generative lighting as traits over each of the layers (also known as blend modes) – a technique that is not often found in 2d generative projects. The background traits consists of 3 layers, a foreground light, a background light and background wallpaper – this is combined with the generative art to make a phenomenal 2D avatar.

CRASH is currently minting at @ 5 MATIC.