Collection 1: Reloaded

Number of NFTs: 3250
Number of NFT’s Minted: 0

Price: 5 MATIC
Network: Polygon

Launch Date: August 26, 2022 – 8pm AEST

Minting dApp:

Contract Address: 0xdF917BBC024503a3a72a3d08d3b1F1D1205A4526

Block Explorer:

When Collection 2 (CRASH) gained some popularity, a lot of questions where raised about the original LamboLanders collection. To my surprise, Collection 1 had a high amount of interest during CRASH however at the time it was created I never bother marketing the project to my nearly 200 twitter followers.

Comments and requests had come through to reboot Collection 1 however if I were to do this I needed to give my spaceships the launch they deserved. Following some research into voxel generative pieces and 3d model viewers the LamboLanders: Reloaded earnt itself a second wind.

RELOADED sees the original collection, traits and rarities reviewed and rebooted in a Sandbox-Ready metaverse style format. The models are genuine 3D Objects that can be rotated by swiping on your mobile device.