Genesis Collection: Lambo Landers

Number of NFTs: 3250
Number of NFT’s Minted: 3250

Price: 5 MATIC
Network: Polygon

Launch Date: February 13, 2022

Minting dApp: Closed

Contract Address:


Block Explorer:

Lambo Landers is the first collection I had ever created when I kicked off my NFT journey. Hot off the tail of building spaceships in games and doing a few modules in programming, I was fascinated by the possibilities of generative art and wanted to try my hand at it. This melded well with my enthusiasm for blockchain technology.

Thus, Lambo Landers was born. It also marked some of my first entries in the Dev Log. I had zero intentions of making any kind of profit from this as it was a learning exercise for me.

The project was a success. I had successfully created a generative art collection complete with its own metadata, smart contract and dapp to boot.

I made a few sales in the space from a few people that liked them at the time. But nothing notable.

They are currently used as an Airdrop reward as they all have been minted from the contract and the dApp has been decommissioned.

Sales are avaliable from on OpenSea secondary through the Lambo Landers/Holder accounts or via Airdrops only.