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Living the Crash


Excerpt from LamboLanders Comic – 1st Edition

Update to our Dev Log and Where to Next?

Hey CrashLanders! What a journey it has been!

Im incredibly excited to provide some formal updates from myself now that I have some downtime to update you all in this hugely ambitious journey of ours.

CRASH Collection successfully launched May 28th 2022 and saw what I perceived to be a major success and milestone in our journey. Not only does this introduce the base for our characters in the story, it also shapes a lot of the lore and context around whats to come with the universe expansion.

From a technical perspective, this is the second smart contract I have deployed in mainnet production environments and I am getting very familiar with the tools used in the NFT space. Web3 is quickly becoming a powerhouse for all my creative nerd ideas and a place to store it all and share with the community.

I am really enjoying this journey and thrive off the creative products and people I hear from on a daily basis.

Special Thanks to each and every one of you that have supported the project in both monetary or non-monetary ways.

Lets get the disagreeable matters out of the way first to help clear the air for more forward focused milestones –

Several comments have come to me that “I require mass marketing” and my “community is not big enough” to support the minting of 9000 NFTs in the CRASH Collection. In my opinion this is a short term “mint out project” point of view which does not quite align with the length I am planning to take the LL project. As stated web3 is geared towards becoming the powerhouse for all of my creative ideas. So while these comments are valid in the short term, I do encourage you to consider the 5 MATIC price point and zoom out to see the other products that will be introduced as part of the LL Universe such as the Comic Book, 3D collection and other emerging technologies coming in the future.

This is something I have had to consider as we move into a post-mint phase and unfortunately where a lot of projects may struggle to stay the course – especially in the current market conditions.

I am using this time to educate myself further in creative applications such as Blender, Photoshop and Cinema 4D to propel us further into web3 without having to outsource the skills or capabilities. This enables our project fund to stay intact and really embrace the techniques used by the industry to create the branding and vision for LamboLanders.

The community has been incredibly supportive of this and I am learning new rendering techniques and 3d art workflows by the day – it is instantly rewarding to see this work come to life on the computer screen. I am grateful to be part of these creative knowledge pools where I can both share my skills and also learn a thing or two.

The Characters

LamboLanders: CRASH sees the creation of 9000 cyber dystopian future punks on the Polygon Network. The process took several months to compose in 3d and port over into a 2d environment and apply a number of rendering techiniques. I hired a Voice Actor (Lauren Goode) who had works on Assassins Creed and Full Metal Alchemist to lend her talent on the development trailer. Something I am incredibly grateful for and amazed by the work she put into our project.

Some additional technical pieces went into this work utilizing the Photoshop API to code never-before seen 2d NFT techniques which applied lighting across the NFT Layers.

CRASH Collection uses a Male character model in the 3d to 2d workflow – while this wasn’t something I had originally set out to do, female character models generally require their own clothes and specially shaped assets that do not work well in a “one size fits all” approach. This has lead me to introduce our first female character model (pictured above) as part of the comic and will be introduced in Collection 3 also. She doesn’t have a name yet but Im thinking something along the lines of Lazer, Blazer or Tazer or… you get the idea.

Collection 3 and the Comic

I have chosen to accelerate work in the comic space to tie in with Collection 3. The reason for this is because I have had to introduce a female character to the universe quite quickly, so it naturally made sense to do so. We will learn more about this character in the comic and what is great about Collection 3 is that the story will tie in directly with the Collections launch.

Collection 3 is titled “Interchange” and will be my first attempt at 3d works on the Blockchain utilizing a custom built html viewer specifically for the project. I have met a friend (which I didnt know was fluent at html and Javascript) who will be assisting me at no cost to the project. I am excited to put them through their paces.

I aim to time the launch of Collection 3 with the end of the first comic and have penciled this in for a Q4 release. There will be continued and ongoing support for all previous Collections throughout.

I have also contacted expert comic writers and artists to cast an eye over the work I am submitting to ensure it is as good as it possibly can be, the feedback is well received so far.

The Plot

The story will follow the lead Trio from Fleet 42 and their investigation into a distress signal from a parallel universe. You may notice the choice of music for the LamboLanders trailers are a bit estranged (this isnt music I usually listen to) but we are heading into the creation of a saga, I have already some ideas in my mind that borrow from high-impact moments in pop culture (such as the shooting of Barbara Gordon in Batman, or the death of Aerith Gainsbourogh) that will help shape the story – with that comes a bit of sentimental attachment to the characters I have created. I have spent hours on these characters and I am a bit disheartened to know that some may not survive the extreme parts of the story. The plot intends to explore a deeper side to the Landers Universe which is also an opportunity to explore characters in detail. I really want to capitalize on this outside the NFT.

Personal Life

While I am only one guy in the NFT space, I am also a father, nerd, student and (when I can be) a competitive athlete.

There can be A LOT to juggle sometimes and staying at the top of the game is something you have to nurture and keep your finger on the pulse with. Managing all of this stuff can be tricky sometimes but it really helps that I enjoy it and have a passion for it. One thing I want to reassure you all of – is that if I am not as active on Twitter Spaces its generally because I am busy using the computer or just listening to the radio chatter by choice. I will always be around in discord to share works and stuff and be attentive as much as possible. You will always see active developments because Im hopeless at keeping secrets.

Can’t wait to progress to the next chapter.




The year is 2283, the Landers have been called back to HQ on planet Earth to prepare for a battle taking place in The Zone – a digital universe accessed by connecting the brain to an online network.

Dallas is amongst the Landers team, one of the few hybrid-human survivors of Earths final moments before the world was torched and turned into a neo-wasteland by an event known as The Mold. He hardly remembers how he got here, its been 200 odd years and his memory components are aging by the hour.

All thats left of the old world exists through The Zone and for Dallas; this is all he has left. His memories, his family and lover are all accessed through the online network. An easy and regular escape for most hybrids.

Intel has returned communications to Dallas and the team, an unknown rogue AI is seeking to crash the Zone and end human existence. This would allow the AI safe passage to salvage the remaining technology on earth.

For Dallas, this is a direct threat to what remains of his human experience. Dallas and the Team must connect to the Zone and stop the Crash..

What makes a Lambo Lander?

Fig.1 Anatomy Document (ctrl+mousewheel to zoom)

When making generative art it is important to consider the metadata behind your creations. This is something that heavily influenced the creation of LL.

Not only was the creation made from my passion for spacecraft, it also channeled my love for algorithms and metasystems in general. When LL was created, each individual part was then reviewed and assigned a particular rarity with its trait. The document can be found above.

Not only does this document give you the complete statistics in the collection, it gives you visual aid of the anatomy of the Lander so you can identify traits straight away.

I decided to publish this document because OpenSea does not present data at this level – in particular, the wing combinations have been created in certain percentages and then scrambled – this kind of metadata is not supported in the current OpenSea properties.

Some more common parts of the NFT were not considered to be marked as a trait, such as Hulls, Background and Rear Boosts. NFTs are sometimes are sentimental thing for some people – I personally collect NFTs because I like how they look sometimes. It seemed a bit silly to have normal structural part assigned a trait when its a core part of the nft.

I have also deleted the images from my Hardrive for version control. No one actually knows what may be minted out of the 3250 collection (not even me).

devmully, LL.


Welcome to LamboLanders NFT!

My name is Mully, I am a solo indie dev that mostly works from the comfort of my own home; I am an Information Security specialist in the Health industry under the Information Technology umbrella. I mostly do SQL systems administration but in my spare time I dabble in C# games programming (when I am not playing) and now also having a look at some solidity bits – that said I am new and still learning! Its a big world out there!

I have created this blog to provide updates and a bit of a Roadmap to the LamboLanders project – we are about 2 weeks old at this stage and I do have some things I’d like to introduce to the project. Interestingly my work began after I deployed the smart contract which I had stupidly thought was the end!

The experience has been amazing thus far and I hope to share my expertise with you has much as possible and make some awesome stuff.

We do not have a discord just yet but if the community grows I wont hesitate to set one up!

I hope this blog gives you the updates you would expect from a garage project gone crazy – I am just one guy so I hope to do you some good. Here you will find some formal and informal parts of the project and hopefully some scope as to where I plan to take the project!

Welcome aboard pilot!

Mully, Creator Lambo Landers and The NFT Room