What makes a Lambo Lander?

Fig.1 Anatomy Document (ctrl+mousewheel to zoom)

When making generative art it is important to consider the metadata behind your creations. This is something that heavily influenced the creation of LL.

Not only was the creation made from my passion for spacecraft, it also channeled my love for algorithms and metasystems in general. When LL was created, each individual part was then reviewed and assigned a particular rarity with its trait. The document can be found above.

Not only does this document give you the complete statistics in the collection, it gives you visual aid of the anatomy of the Lander so you can identify traits straight away.

I decided to publish this document because OpenSea does not present data at this level – in particular, the wing combinations have been created in certain percentages and then scrambled – this kind of metadata is not supported in the current OpenSea properties.

Some more common parts of the NFT were not considered to be marked as a trait, such as Hulls, Background and Rear Boosts. NFTs are sometimes are sentimental thing for some people – I personally collect NFTs because I like how they look sometimes. It seemed a bit silly to have normal structural part assigned a trait when its a core part of the nft.

I have also deleted the images from my Hardrive for version control. No one actually knows what may be minted out of the 3250 collection (not even me).

devmully, LL.