Welcome to LamboLanders NFT!

My name is Mully, I am a solo indie dev that mostly works from the comfort of my own home; I am an Information Security specialist in the Health industry under the Information Technology umbrella. I mostly do SQL systems administration but in my spare time I dabble in C# games programming (when I am not playing) and now also having a look at some solidity bits – that said I am new and still learning! Its a big world out there!

I have created this blog to provide updates and a bit of a Roadmap to the LamboLanders project – we are about 2 weeks old at this stage and I do have some things I’d like to introduce to the project. Interestingly my work began after I deployed the smart contract which I had stupidly thought was the end!

The experience has been amazing thus far and I hope to share my expertise with you has much as possible and make some awesome stuff.

We do not have a discord just yet but if the community grows I wont hesitate to set one up!

I hope this blog gives you the updates you would expect from a garage project gone crazy – I am just one guy so I hope to do you some good. Here you will find some formal and informal parts of the project and hopefully some scope as to where I plan to take the project!

Welcome aboard pilot!

Mully, Creator Lambo Landers and The NFT Room